There is nothing more British than talking about the weather. Perhaps it’s our every changing climate, but for some reason it’s a national past time. Your daily knowledge of the incoming drizzle must be at Olympic level, so a good weather app is a must. There are quite a few out there, some good, some bad, and some with too much information to take in. Today’s Forecast hopes to change all that, by giving users all the important information quickly and easily at any time.

The developer Matt Bircher has been working on achieving his goal for some time as a side project. Discussing his working development in a recent podcast as a follow on from his hugely successful Today Weather website. His modesty over the level of his coding ability aside, frankly this app is exactly the service everyone should have.

Using a design that fits in perfectly with the upcoming iOS11 update, Today’s Forecast combines white space with bold fonts and simple colours. However don’t fret if this isn’t to your taste because the app includes a dark mode, compleat with a contrasting homescreen icon.

todays forcast review

Today’s Forecast does an amazing job of pulling in very detailed information from Dark Sky, and displaying it in a much easier fashion. Along with the obvious current temperature, the single page shows the highs and lows to expect, as well as nearest storms and wind speed. Scroll a little further and you will find sun rise/set times, hourly breakdown for the next day and a week preview. Displayed in an easy to see design with simple icons and bold fonts, making accessing the information you need a breeze (not a rain cloud).

When it comes to weather apps you are always going to be spoilt for choice. Dependant on your requirements expect to pay anything between nothing to quite a few cups of coffee for the pleasure. Whatever you require from an app, Today’s Forecast should always be on your list - providing the detailed information most people will require in a great design.

Today’s Forecast is a bargain £1.99 / $1.99 and is available from the App Store now. You can follow Matt on Twitter to find out what his next project is!