When Apple removed the iPhone 7 headphone jack it was a move that polarised opinions. Analysts, bloggers and every day users came down into two camps, those that thought it was user hostile and stupid, or those that didn’t care and it was a move required to move forward. Ever since people have been trying to live with it or put it back on. Well Scotty Allen has succeed and added one back into his iPhone.

You might remember Scotty from earlier this year when he built an iPhone 6s entirely from parts. Sourcing everything from parts around Shenzen’s market totalling around $300. This time he has managed to deign the circuit board, hack together parts from a 3.5mm to lightening adaptor and really bring back the iPhone 7 headphone jack!

Although this isn’t time to get excited and start sourcing parts from China. This type of transformation isn’t going to be viable for, well pretty much anyone else. From start to finish it took Scotty 3 months, a very large budget and a considerable amount of time with some pretty high tech machinery. All of which is outside of most peoples realm of possibility, although we can all dream.

The modded iPhone 7 headphone jack is very close to the side of the phone due to internal limitations, and most annoying of all you still won’t be able to charge and listen to music at the same time. However it is still a pretty awesome feat and shows what could be done given the time and effort. Does this show that Apple really COULD have kept the iPhone 7 headphone jack if they really wanted to?

Possibly, but we really don’t know what the long terms effects internally are, but if you want to give it a go - it might be easier for you to just live the dongle life instead.