We’ve all got an opinion on those damn teenagers and their smartphones. Parents and grandparents alike blast the chunk of technology sat in kids hands and blame all of societies ills on them.

That’s ok, they have done all this before - it was the radio, then TV, Rock Music, Rap Music and more things than I dare to name. The truth is none of these things affected society in the ways you think they did - but the smartphone is without doubt ruining you.

I sit in countless pubs, bars and restaurants while working away, observing the ways in which people interact with each other. Some spend the time enjoying the moment, some sit in silence with each other but most stare at their phones.

These are not youngsters, nor those in the early years of their life, more often than not they are people of the very same stage in life who are quick to blame everything on kids. Middle age couples don’t talk, whilst they both browse social media, exchanging the odd comment on what they find. Engagement might be what they are seeking, likes and replies to boost their mood. Yet simply being engaged with the rest of their family is the long term issue here. These people are mixed amongst business people sat staring at their emails with the stress visibly boiling under their skin.

Perhaps a certain level of naivety exists in all of us and just how much we are using our phones. The sad fact is that all of those ills you blame on the youth of today, you’re also falling for. The illuminated screen is enticing everyone of all ages, all levels of society and it appears to be getting worse.

Let’s not play the blame game, and simply be mindful of the effects and work though them - together.