I really am very careful you know - in fact I take too much care of my phone. It is nearly always nestled in a quality case, and I don’t even like laying it flat on a table when it’s not. Yet despite all these things, this week I managed to throw my phone across a car park and my case saved me.

I often take my iPhone 7 out of its case to use it, just to appreciate the work that goes into the design and production of it. Manufacturers strive for months to make a slim, sleek and some would say sexy design, only for us to put it in a case to protect from damage. I know people that use theirs with only a vinyl wrap and some crazy people that use it naked - but I am so thankful I don’t.

I’ve only ever dropped one phone before, my Nexus 4 which slipped from my hand (and everything else) and shattered only a couple of weeks after I bought it. Unfortunately the other day my iPhone made a similar bid for freedom, but thankfully retuned with not even a scratch.

I got out of my car, forgetting that I had put my phone in my lap while I was messing with my bag. As the phone tumbled onto the concrete carpark and skidded across the space my heart was in my mouth. It lay face down on the floor, and came to rest only a couple of feet away, but it felt like mile. Thankfully the phone sustained no damage whatsoever, however the case it scuffed and scratched.

I’m annoyed my nicely warn in brown leather case is pretty beat up now, but thats nothing compared to smashing my phone. I am really really careful with my phone, but accidents usually happen eventually - for the love of all things holy people, please use a case!