During WWDC Apple zipped through so many features, many were given very little stage time, or not mentioned at all. Yet Apple spent a reasonable amount of time discussing their new photo compression in iOS 11, gaining lots of very positive feedback. However there are some small issues using it before things are ready!

This isn’t surprising given that over 1 trillion photos are taken on iPhone every year, and Apples main aim is for those images to take up much less space. They introduced two new codecs, HEVC (the High Efficiency Video Codec) and HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format). This change will consume half the storage of current formats.

Developer previews of iOS11 already use this feature, so users are already reaping the benefits. Yet, as with all beta upgrades, you should be wary about updating as it invariably breaks things. Google Photos as yet will not back up photos shot in the HEIF format due to the format being unsupported. All images taken are saved with a .HEIC extension.

Along with updating the codecs, Apple also made some huge changes to Live Photos. The photos app now allows users to trim captured images and change the featured image shown in the camera roll. The new OS update also features the ability to shoot long exposure images and create GIF style looking videos - so expect more and more things to be shot on iPhone.

Remember if you really want these backing up, you will have to convert them, or save them somewhere else. Rest assured these are stored in iCloud photos and still sync to all your devices. There is no doubt Google will update Photos to support the format once iOS11 is released officially, but until then please bare this in mind.