Another week, another law suit for Apple to fight. Not only are Apple heading towards a huge battle with Qualcomm, it seems several countries are not happy at the way iOS is controlled.

Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published a large post surrounding a proposed bill outlining the legal right for Italians to have unrestricted and open access to computer software. Specifically the Senate Act 2484 outlines that all citizens should have the right to download any software they wish on any operating system.

Users have the right to, in an appropriate format to the required technology platform […] use fair and non-discriminatory software, proprietary or open source […] content and services of their choice.

This bill is still waiting from approval by Italy’s government, but has already passed through the Chamber of Deputies in July 2016 so looks likely to become law. Although many legal experts have questioned how the iPhone would be affected should the bill be approved, it would be unlikely to get the iPhone outright banned in Italy.

It is not only iOS that would be affected, Microsoft new version of their desktop OS, Windows 10S also restricts installs to only those from the approved App Store, so it looks like a busy time for tech companies in Europe!