The most exciting time of the year for Apple fans has been and gone in a flash. In just over two hours the Cupertino company launched an update to almost everything they produce, with lighting speed and accuracy you may have missed many things already.

Although tvOS was first out on stage, in the ‘big 6’ Tim Cook wanted to talk about. Apples set top box received significantly less attention than either iOS or macOS, and given its small amount of stage time you would be forgiven for remembering the tvOS updates at all. Yet, they announced a partnership to bring AmazonPrime Video to Apple TV later this year and it’s a pretty big deal.

Amazon have outright refused to produce a TV app for Apple in the months since Tim Cook annouced that apps are the future of your biggest screen in the house. They have been waiting for what they call ‘acceptable business terms’ in order for them to bring Prime Video onto Apple devices. Even going as far as removing Apple TV and Chromecast devices from their online store.

This left a pretty big hole in content consumption given the original content Amazon produce. Many have held up the award winning Man in the high castle as almost worth the Prime membership alone. If users wanted to be able to stream whatever content they wish, the Apple TV is simply not the device they would choose.

Leaving only the RoKu platform to truly supply every streaming platform you could wish to watch. As such simply by including Amazon Video on not only tvOS but also the companion TV app on iOS, Apple overnight will become the go to platform for all your streaming needs. No longer will users need to switch devices in order to binge watch a show all their friends are talking about.

If cord cutting were ever to truly build up a head of steam, it is now that Apple have all the players on the same team.