Just imagine this world. You pay a subscription in order to publish to a social network. In order to do this you must be able to prove exactly who you are and proved your contact details. Every other person using the service has to do exactly the same, so you can be sure who is reading and replying to your posts.

The end result is there is no need for little blue ticks, no need for anti-harassment technology nor reporting of spam. All because the users are who they say they are, and can no longer hide behind anonymity. Those that don’t subscribe can read your posts if you want them to be able to, but can not reply nor join in the conversation with you. This is something I have been praying Twitter would do for some time - it’s a utopian world I am calling Twitter Plus.

Instead, in order to boost profits Twitter think we actually want a subscription service that offers a version of Tweetdeck with advanced analytics. Im not sure about your Twitter usage, but this has really no appeal to me nor anyone I follow. I understand that it is really not supposed to, and will only appeal to brands and individuals that worry about engagements. With that said there are more general users than brands on Twitter - right?

Now is not the boom time for Twitter, with many staff leaving, high profile users quitting the service, and not to mention the tools to combat harassment being lackluster. This all ads up to a service which appears to be succumbing to competition in the form of Twitter almost-clone Mastadon.

What Twitter really needs is to stop messing around changing new users default profile image and do something worth while. Make a difference to the service and combat some of the criticism, It could really do with a boost in profits while they are at it! Feel free to implement Twitter Plus for the small fee of a life time subscription FOC!