At long last Apple have done it! Freed themselves from the burden that was small storage options on their phones. In 2017 it would appear the largest tech company in the world has seen fit to remove 16gb from their entire range.

Through yesterdays weird and very unApple like launch of a new cheaper iPad, watch bands and cases - storage went under the radar. Alongside making the base storage on the new iPad 32gb, they also doubled all storage options on the iPhone SE, to 32gb, 128gb and 256gb.

Even the lowly iPad Mini is only available in 128gb. Is this the time we finally say good by to small storage for good?

With things like Apple photos, iCloud backup and a wealth of other services that do the same thing, you would think that storage would be a small talking point. Yet the reality is a small storage option although giving a smaller price to entry, creates a stunted environment.

Although Apple apologists have argued for years that these small storage options are for enterprise, emerging markets and even some arguments over storage speeds. If you want to create the best possible experience for your users, you would expect that not having to worry when a reasonable amount of data is on your phone would be a very small ask.

my storage is more than 16gb

With all that said Apple has one of the most reasonable storage bumps you will find on the market. For an extra £90 (iPad) or £100 (iPhone) you can quadruple your storage to 128gb. This really is an option most people should be looking at considering you will want to snap Live Photos, store Memories and use off line Apple music.

Who knows how long the 32gb option will be around for, but goodbye 16gb. You most certainly will not be missed!