We’ve all been there, a new bit of tech turns up and you’re itching to use it. Ripping off the packaging you’re already thinking about what the first thing you’re going to do. Peeling off the plastic covering, pressing the power button, and then franticly clicking accept on all of the terms and conditions without even reading them.

Everyone does it, well only 7% of people actually read the wall of text you have to agree to when signing up for a product or service. What if they came in the form of a comic book? More people would know what they are agreeing to. That is exactly what Robert Sikoryak has done with the iTunes terms of service in his highly anticipated release Terms and Conditions: A Graphic Novel.

Transforming the dry, bland and virtually un-readable text that is the iTunes Terms and Conditions into something not only readable but enjoyable is no easy feat. - New York Times

The New Yorker and Nickelodeon illustrator managed to turn the boring 20,000 words of the original document into a fun, witty and most of all colourful comic book sized package. You will join an illustrated version of the late Steve Jobs on his journey through all of the terms we agree to without even knowing it.

The motivation for this project was to play with the long form of the graphic novel, which has become so ubiquitous in the United States. And it struck me that the iTunes Terms and Conditions would make a very unlikely comic - Robert Sikoryak told Business Insider

Sikoryak uses scenes from The Amazing Spider, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home, as well as mimicking Garfield and Tin Tin to make things much more interesting. If these book came with all your tech now maybe people might actually read them?