I’m not sure if I’m a stickler for security. If my needs for keeping my information are more secure than Joe publics because I’m more aware of what can go wrong, or if I’m just neurotic about things. However this particular issue doesn’t sit right with me and I think others need to know about it – and then you can decide.

Full disclaimer I have given Cex all the information and my recommendations but have not received an answer other than “its not an issue we are fine”.

The Story

So on there 12th of November I visited the Grantham store of Cex to sell my Google Pixel. Its a long story about why this was the case but safe to say I had issues selling it privately. The price advertised online was acceptable so I wiped all my data from the handset, put it back in the box and went down to the store.

The service was great, staff friendly and really knowledgable – I spent more than 10 mins talking with one of the staff about the pixel and even sent him the link to my review on Coolsmartphone. I left the phone with them for an hour while they tested it and headed for Costa.

On returning to the store I was told they couldn’t test it because I had wiped the phone. I thought everyone did this before sale, but obviously not – which is one worry. The store doesn’t have an account they can log in with so I had to log in with my details. A good ten minutes of explaining that it take a few mins for them to do it and it would be much more secure and I got no where.

I had to sign in with my Google details or I couldn’t sell the device. Now in hindsight I should have created a new account and logged in with that, however it took long enough for me to get two factor to work with no mobile signal and crappy wifi Im sure this would have taken ages.

I wasn’t comfortable with leaving my Google account logged in on the device but to paraphrase their response “if I don’t they wont buy it”. So the tester had access to all of my personal info, Google drive account and all. Their testing photos showed up on my Google photos account a few mins later!

 I watched him like a hawk and I’m sure I made him feel uncomfortable, but that was nothing compared to my worries. If you think people dont access things they shouldn’t while repairing phones then you should ask Jodie Marsh what happened to hers. As soon as he finished testing I removed access from the phone and made sure it was wiped again.

The sale went through smoothly – although surprisingly they usually had over actual cash for every sale. I asked for a bank transfer instead and they paid me the following day.

Security Now

I have every confidence that nothing untoward would happen, that all the Cex are as great as all of my experiences have been. I explained exactly this when I gave feedback to Cex head office, however for the sake of a few mins they should have a store Google account, or several and all of these issue would be avoided.

Yet they didn’t care, my simple advice fell on deaf ears and they carry on regardless. What do you think? Am I being too OTT with my concerns or do I have a point? Id like to know either way because Im still not sure.