I really really like the Galaxy Note 7. I just had to get that out there. I have had a lengthy hands on with the Galaxy Note 7 – I know some of my US followers have already got theirs but its still a few days from the international launch date. I loved every minute of using the device, and that made things even worse. I pre ordered the Note 7 when caught up in the hype – then only to cancel the order because in all honestly I am never going to choose Android.

Locked in

This has zero to do with the hardware. Nothing to do with the software either – but everything to do with being locked in. I use a macBook occasionally, and an iPad pro daily, so the chance of me absconding to Android amounts to almost Zero.

If I were to choose Android over my current iPhone 6s I would stand to loose (yes I know I would gain things) – iMessage between almost all family members and lots of friends (including from my iPad/Mac), shared photo albums with ease, iCloud sync (wish actually works really well) and most importantly compatibility with my Apple watch.

 Any of those on its own would be enough to make me think twice, but the Apple watch alone (I have reviewed almost every Android wear watch before you start) would be enough to keep me locked in with Tim Cook for life. Thats without such things as iMessage – the single best messaging platform there is. Providing all your message go to iPhones of course, which mine do.

Android vs iOS

I do state on an almost weekly basis on the Eurotech Podcast that Android is the better Mobile OS for getting things done. This is also by far a moan at how hard things are, but I just don’t ever see myself using Android full time unless something drastic happens.

Drastic things do happen though. If Google home isn’t met by anything remotely similar that could be used in my iOS life then never say never. But until then Im locked in, like I feared I would be…