Ah the web. Depending on your point of view - it is the biggest improvement to communication the world has ever seen, or for others it could be seen as the largest tool to keep tabs on us all.

Perhaps before the leaks of Snowdon the majority of the general public wouldn’t be aware of web security, but following we all follow different levels of caution when using web services. However you might be shocked to find out just how much data you give away just by clicking on a link.


Developer Robin Linus has created Webkay as a demonstration of all the information your web browser can access. The webpage doesn’t ask for any extra privileged access, it functions the same as any other page might. Even the most internet savvy of us might be a little surprised how much information is so easily available.

What your Browser knows about you

LINK Full disclosure: this web link has nothing to do with Me, but displays info that you may already available to many websites. We have no knowledge if this is collected or not — if you have security concerns it might be best to avoid clicking.

 The page displays information such as location, software, ip address and even the social media accounts you are logged into. Along with exactly how a web page would be able to access this info. More importantly though, Webkay also tells you what you can do to avoid your information being so easily available.

*also it has Material design so it wins lots of Duarte points with Alex