My Life Beholden To Three Coloured Circles

I would consider myself a pretty athletic guy, I have done various martial arts during my life — as well as completing marathons and exercise regularly. I at least thought I was doing the best for my health and my body, until the Apple watch came along that is. Since strapping the watch to my wrist I have had my eyes opened to a new world of activity and all because of three coloured circles.

I’m also no stranger to the health effects of technology, writing a long piece on the dangers of technology breading a sedentary life style. With an office job I was well aware that sitting for long periods of time was bad for my body. Unfortunately for millions of people world wide, with office jobs you have work to do and often hours blend together and you simply don’t realise how stationary you are.

Still Seated

In fact many don’t realise how seated we all are full stop, according to research by Sanlam Private Investments those of us with an ‘office job’ spend up to five years of our lives at a desk. With most workers spending up to 8 hours a day seated, other than the very occasional (and short) movement around the office.

Home time would come and before any more sitting, hitting the gym for an hour of going for a run would feel like it swept all the health issues aside and also allowed me to unwind. Unfortunately for me and probably millions of others that just simply wasn’t the case, unless I was building my mileage up for a marathon the health benefits of after work exercise were in-fact negligible — at best I was standing still.

Unfortunately for people like me the Journal Circulation: Heart Failure has revealed that those who sit for more than five hours a day have an increased risk of around 34% of heart failure. Regardless of how much exercison or exercise done once you have clocked off for the day.

Tri Colour Tormentor

Apple have made a big deal about the health benefits they wish the watch to have, adverts and marketing a like have highlighted it becoming more than just a watch. The truth is it really is for me at least. I still have a hard time recommending others to purchase an Apple watch — but for me it is exactly what I need.

Three colour circles have shown me the way, on a larger scale than I ever thought possible. It sounds strange doesn’t it — filling little level meters for no good reason other than to prove you can do it. If I am extra specially good I even get a shiny award, but that pales in comparison to the three completed circles displayed proudly on my wrist.

Granted the Apple watch is far from the only thing that shows you activity levels like this. The same system on Google Fit had a similar effect in building desire to complete an hours worth of activity each day, but for some reason having it strapped to my wrist amplifies the effects and I find myself standing up when I am told off by the tapping on my wrist — even I have no need to I just find something to stand up for.

Its a small addiction now, but it is only affecting my life and my body in positive way. It sounds strange coming from someone that is already active, but the Apple watch has spurred me to do even a little exercise on those days I really cant be bothered to — all to complete my circle.


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