My obsession is a really problem, it causes me to wake up at strange times of the morning and spend lots of money. No it’s not a drug addiction — like many people with an addiction to Apple products I woke up and pre ordered the new phone on Saturday, but it was surprisingly pain free and easy.

The clock flicked to 7:30 and I was already sat next to my iMac, with my Macbook open, iPhone and iPad ready just incase. Yep just over 30 mins to go and already I was ready — I had been here before and it wasn’t a nice experience. I knew preparation was the key, double and triple checked my card details on my account, delivery address and anything else that could go wrong.

Yep I was ready — Just 12 short months ago I was doing the same waiting for the giant new iPhone 6 to go onto pre order and come go time I wasn’t nearly as prepared as I should have been. Ending with having to download the Apple store app onto my iPad and ordering through there as the website became a pile of garbage that failed to load more times than my ZX spectrum games from 1988.

The clock took an age but finally made it too 8:01 and the reloads begun, but instead of “the store is unavailable messages” I was greeted with a page ready for me to choose which phone and storage level to go for. I even had time to choose a case and dock before completing my pre order.

The feeling was completely different from last year — a different kind of unpreparedness I wasn’t ready for. One that left me checking my orders page several times to be sure I hadn’t made a mistake. No, I had managed to preorder an iPhone in a few short minutes and completely hassle free. In fact there were still iPhones available to preorder well into the afternoon, leading to question over inventory or demand — but at least I got one!

After much internal debate I have ordered a regular iPhone 6s in Space grey (boring I know) and sporting 64gb. What have you gone for?