Apple Holding 'Lose Your Wallet' Shopping Event

Apple is building a multi-billion dollar services business that may soon be unrivalled. Sucking in revenue from everything from App Store sales to iCloud storage, but its crowning jewel is Apple Pay. As the service continues to expand Apple are holding a special Apple Pay event in San Francisco. The “Lose Your Wallet” specialist shopping event will take place on the mJune 23rd to 25th and consist of 36 Apple Pay supporting retailers. [Read More]

App Store Adverts Being Abused by Scammers

One of Apple’s major marketing points is how much they pay developers in revenue. Highlighting only a few weeks ago that it has paid them $70 billion dollars, with more than $21billion last year alone. However it would appear that dodgy App Store adverts and in-app purchases are bumping that total up through very illegitimate means. A recent Medium post by Johnny Lin highlights the ways that some, very loosely termed developers, are taking advantage of App Store customers. [Read More]

In iOS11 Apple Attempts to Make Messages Even More Secure

Since 2012, for many iOS users iMessage or Messages is the glue that keeps them using the platform. Apple’s messaging platform makes sending and receiving messages on any of your devices a breeze. It may have stickers, and now Apple Pay payments, but encryption has always been one of its biggest selling points. Starting with iOS11 is going to be a whole lot more secure thanks to iCloud. iMessage has always featured “secure end-to-end encryption” that in theory stops anyone reading your messages bar the parties involved in the discussion. [Read More]

Amazon tvOS App Puts Apple to the Top of the Streaming Pile

The most exciting time of the year for Apple fans has been and gone in a flash. In just over two hours the Cupertino company launched an update to almost everything they produce, with lighting speed and accuracy you may have missed many things already. Although tvOS was first out on stage, in the ‘big 6’ Tim Cook wanted to talk about. Apples set top box received significantly less attention than either iOS or macOS, and given its small amount of stage time you would be forgiven for remembering the tvOS updates at all. [Read More]

Zoho Notebook Review

There can’t be many iOS or Mac app for note taking that I still haven’t tried. As soon as I’ve reviewed an app, gone through all the setting up process and made a choice to switch, I start looking around for other apps. I have a major fear of missing out on something that could be a better fit. Truth be told it costs me a fortune, subscription services or expensive one off payments seem to be normal now - but not with Zoho Notebook. [Read More]

This Is Not the Twitter Premium We Are Looking For

Just imagine this world. You pay a subscription in order to publish to a social network. In order to do this you must be able to prove exactly who you are and proved your contact details. Every other person using the service has to do exactly the same, so you can be sure who is reading and replying to your posts. The end result is there is no need for little blue ticks, no need for anti-harassment technology nor reporting of spam. [Read More]

So Long Small Storage: You wont be missed

At long last Apple have done it! Freed themselves from the burden that was small storage options on their phones. In 2017 it would appear the largest tech company in the world has seen fit to remove 16gb from their entire range. Through yesterdays weird and very unApple like launch of a new cheaper iPad, watch bands and cases - storage went under the radar. Alongside making the base storage on the new iPad 32gb, they also doubled all storage options on the iPhone SE, to 32gb, 128gb and 256gb. [Read More]

Apple terms and conditions turned into a comic book

We’ve all been there, a new bit of tech turns up and you’re itching to use it. Ripping off the packaging you’re already thinking about what the first thing you’re going to do. Peeling off the plastic covering, pressing the power button, and then franticly clicking accept on all of the terms and conditions without even reading them. Everyone does it, well only 7% of people actually read the wall of text you have to agree to when signing up for a product or service. [Read More]

Siri falls down at default apps

I know, I know I’m calling for Siri to get better again. Yet nothing has brought the downfalls of Apples voice assistant to the forefront than spending some time using Apples new AirPods. There has always been issues with using Siri and granted Apple are working hard at fixing and improving things, but Apple are now so far behind others is it possible to catch up? Truth be told I have never been a huge user of Siri, it was great to show your friends when Siri was first released with the iPhone 4s. [Read More]

The fallacy of connected light bulbs

It seems so simple doesn’t it. A short cut into making your lights ‘smarter’, with no need to re-wire anything or even look at a screwdriver. Unfortunately almost every brand has adopted the connected light build as their go to smart home tech and I’m here to tell you that’s completely the wrong approach. I’m late to the game with smart home technology, I was waiting for Apples HomeKit to actually be available before diving in. [Read More]