Bear and Ulysses

If you have read a few posts on my blog, you will know I have a soft spot for productivity apps, ever searching for the best thing. Well I used to also do that with writing apps, my devices have gone through a slew of writing apps over the last few years. My iPad is my primary computer, and writing my primary aim, so the right app is important - I think I found them. [Read More]

D22 Bar Demo- Devs Test Your Apps

Since the iOS11 GM leaked (or was given) to 9to5mac and others there has been a wealth of information being uncovered. This made some people mad, but we now know the name of the phone, lots of details on what it can do and how things will work including new Animoji feature. iOS developer Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) has released a way for developers to test their apps with the new iPhone split status bar. [Read More]

I’m Usually Really Careful With My Phone

I really am very careful you know - in fact I take too much care of my phone. It is nearly always nestled in a quality case, and I don’t even like laying it flat on a table when it’s not. Yet despite all these things, this week I managed to throw my phone across a car park and my case saved me. I often take my iPhone 7 out of its case to use it, just to appreciate the work that goes into the design and production of it. [Read More]

Notifications Haze

Ding! One new post incoming. I think everyone will agree notifications from your technology are annoying. Yet everyone puts up with them to a point where it’s just a haze of buzzing, beeping and dinging that rings in your ears for your entire waking hours. I have talked quite a bit about being engaged with the world and notifications are my next assault. For the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with tuning out all non essential notifications. [Read More]

A Smaller Phone Makes Me Much Happier

Since just before Christmas I’ve been questioning many things in my life and making improvements wherever I can. Not due to anything in particular, simply an attempt to make myself happier and more engaged with life. This has lead me to some great places. I have been meditating, cutting down my social media use and for the most part cutting down my phone usage. Not only for the benefit of me, but also for the benefit of the people around me. [Read More]

New Apple Image Tech Breaks Google Photos

During WWDC Apple zipped through so many features, many were given very little stage time, or not mentioned at all. Yet Apple spent a reasonable amount of time discussing their new photo compression in iOS 11, gaining lots of very positive feedback. However there are some small issues using it before things are ready! This isn’t surprising given that over 1 trillion photos are taken on iPhone every year, and Apples main aim is for those images to take up much less space. [Read More]

iPad Pro 10.5- Initial Impressions

If you listen to the BYOD podcast (and you should) you will already know that I did a complete 180 over ordering a new iPad. I don’t often get caught up in reviews or hype, but when the reviews are so overwhelmingly positive it’s hard to not want to try one out. So I received my unit a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been over the moon with it ever since. [Read More]

New iPhone 8 Dummy Phone

Silly season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. As much as Apple try to stop it, the leaks come thick and fast from WWDC onwards. Each new handset has its leaking star, and so far it has been Benjamin Gaskin, showing off purported iPhone 8 dummy phones. Well it seems there is another - long time leaker @onleaks has posted images of a dummy phone which shows many hardware features which have already been leaked. [Read More]

The Bill That Could Ban the iPhone in Italy

Another week, another law suit for Apple to fight. Not only are Apple heading towards a huge battle with Qualcomm, it seems several countries are not happy at the way iOS is controlled. Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published a large post surrounding a proposed bill outlining the legal right for Italians to have unrestricted and open access to computer software. Specifically the Senate Act 2484 outlines that all citizens should have the right to download any software they wish on any operating system. [Read More]

Major Rise in Mac Malware Reported

It was once a long held belief that anti-virus and internet security programs just weren’t required on OSX (now macOS). Unfortunately as penetration of the consumer market increases, so to does the attention of programmers with nefarious motives. Internet security firm McAfee report that malware aimed at Macs is increasing dramatically. Infact the sharp increase in malware for macOS that McAfee reported last year has continued into 2017. The company reported a 53% growth in the first quarter alone, with the total reported number of malware detections totalling over 700,000 for the first time ever. [Read More]