Apples Control Of The Podcast

On October 23rd 2001 one piece of tech hit the shelves that would forever change the face of media consumption. More than each iteration of recordable medium that had come before it — and no one could ever predicted it. That one bundle of silicone, metal and plastic went on to rule the world for years and even after its decline has left its maker top of the media tree — that is of course Apple’s iPod.Continue reading →

Apple is no longer just a hardware company

Since the companies inception in 1976, Apple have been held in high regard for their hardware. Woz produced revolutionary designs for motherboards and circuitry, and Steve was so obsessed with even the design of internal components. Meaning that nothing left the company without achieving a certain level of design and engineering beauty. However many have considered it misses out when compared to other companies because Apple services are not up to scratch.Continue reading →

Apple vs the FBI is nothing but PR

The argument over encryption is not a new one, it appeared in the 90’s and then again in the early 2000’s – and now again thanks to a certain Edward Snowden we are again having the conversation. Only this time it’s the reverse and a whole lot louder!

The military argued long and hard that the tech industry needed to work on encryption harder and secure its communications. Unfortunately now the security agencies argue that the methods used are too good. You can always use the tried rebuttal that the state of the world is a whole lot different, however the word terrorism is not a new one. Unfortunately it is one that is now used as a tool to spark emotional responses and light a fire to all sorts of opinions.Continue reading →

Adverts, Ethics And Blocking

I have steered well clear of talking much about web adverts, not because I don’t care — but because any words would have been lost in a sea of others around the time iOS9 was released.The Eurotech podcast last week bought it back to the forefront for me, despite add blocking existing on the desktop for years, Apple resurrected the ethical minefield as ‘content blocking’ brought it mobile and available to tens of millions world wide.Continue reading →

Strava Review: The Next Level In Exercise Motivation

>Well, it’s February, still the time of year that packs out the gyms, every shop is trying to sell you gear to get you active, and all the exercise companions appear. There is no reason to bother with all the new apps and gadgets as there is a reasonably old one that could be the best of them all. Strava combines performance recording with friendly competition for everyone from fit to first timer.Continue reading →

Local Guides Guide: Rewards And Recommendations

local guides featured

On last weeks Eurotechtalk you will have seen me wearing my new Local Guides tee shirt they sent me as a thank you gift. Since then I have begun to get more and more questions on how to take part in Google’s Local Guides program. So here you will find a guide to the new Google Maps contributions, Local Guides and the type of things you can expect. As well as some hints and tips that have made my progress to Level 4 very easy.Continue reading →

Apple To Pay Tax Owed To Italy

Benjamin Frankin once claimed “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. However it seems you can wriggle out of one of them given the right legal advice — but the Italian tax man has caught up with Apple according to report from La Repubblica.

Italian inland revenue accused Apple back in 2013 of using an elaborate system of subsidiary companies to avoid paying taxes owed on its profits. Uncovering that between 2008 and 2013 some €880 million in profit was transferred out of the country to an Irish based company. The Cork based subsidiary Apple Ireland then pays much less corporate tax than if the money was left in Italy.Continue reading →