Outpost Podcast Notes

On Wednesday I recorded the third episode of the Outpost Podcast with Daryl Baxter. I don’t think I’m breaking any embargo by telling you this, but we spent some time talking about my iPad usage. We stuck to only a few questions and I thought I would share with you a padded out version of the notes I made during the Outpost Podcast. I went into much more detail on the show so stay tuned for the episode launching next week.

What iPad do you have?

Currently an iPad Pro 10.5 with Smart Keyboard.

Originally had the first iPad, but I didn’t buy another one until the Air 2 and that has been my primary computer ever since. Viticci was a massive inspiration to start getting the most out of iOS. His guides in early 2015 on which apps to use and how to use them where huge and MacStories still surfaces so much useful stuff I’m constantly learning. Also shout out to Jordan Merrick who has helped me personally with Workflows, hints and tips.

What do you use it for?

I use it for working away from the office. I do site visits, compiling reports using custom apps we have built, so an iPad is mandatory. I have also done presentations from it, completed training from it and watched countless hours of movies plugged into a TV #OGdonglelife

The vast majority of its usage though it writing and publishing. I have produced 99% of my blog posts from my iPad, and have built large arsenal of Workflows to get this done.

Outpost podcast iPad usage

What apps do you use?

I have gone through far too many apps to mention, it has been a long journey of trial and error. If you’ve read my blog you will know I’m never happy with a set up or workflow and constantly looking out for new things to try.

Workflow is essential to everything I do, it does everything from launch a Ulysses sheet if I have a quick idea to write about to making custom device frames from screenshots and unique feature images.

Ulysses is also essential to my writing and blogging. I used Byword for a long time but the added publishing and power features make it a no brainier. I’m still learning lots of things to do in the app and Learn Ulysses has taught me lots.

What feature do you wish to see from a future release of iOS just for the iPad?

There are not many things that I need for Apple to integrate into iOS11. Due to my usage, I don’t do anything weird, and most things I require are achieved by applications. I would however like to see more integration with Workflow.

Before being acquired by Apple, Workflow built an extensive Workflow’s Content Graph engine that intelligently works out the content required. With the integration Drag and Drop would become infinitely more powerful. For example if a user drop and dropped an image into a text box, iOS would expect the user to require the file name, or perhaps the url if the image is from Safari.

The episode will be released next week, but in the mean time hit that subscribe button and don’t miss new episodes of the Outpost Podcast.