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BYOD 21: HashTag Embrace The Notch

We managed to overcome personal family health issues, and Jewish holidays to record this episode, in which Greg reveals his Apple purchases which bring him one step closer to his

Snappy-Tech Podcast #9

I was a guest on the Snappy Tech podcast and it was a blast! We talked about animals staring at the sun, Android O launching, Microsoft Surface issues and much

BYOD 17: I do not care about icons

iTunes | RSS | Overcast | Pocket Casts | Libsyn | Download MP3 This week we discover that Greg has more stickers than Nati does and that’s a shame that

BYOD 14: An Octopus hints at 8

iTunes | RSS | Overcast | Pocket Casts | Libsyn | Download MP3 Greg celebrates our first guest – Daryl Baxter – with some new podcasting equipment which somewhat backfires,

Bring Your Own Device – Episode 7

iTunes | RSS | Overcast | Pocket Casts | SoundCloud | Download MP3 Greg and Nati talk about the most wonderful time of the year – WWDC. The exhausting, fast paced Apple event

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