The 10.5” iPad Pro: Future-Proof →

Federico Viticci Wrote:

It’s not difficult to reach a verdict on the new iPad Pro. If you‘ve used the 9.7” iPad Pro for work every day and want the absolute best in preparation for iOS 11 later this year, you should get the 10.5” iPad Pro. Everything about this iPad is nicer, faster, and a bit more spacious than before to justify the upgrade. If you demand the best from your iPad, this is the new best you can buy.

As Gruber already said, there is no-one outside of Apple that cares more about the iPad that Ticci. This is the go to review of the new 10.5” iPad Pro.

I am still struggling to find a justification to upgrade from my iPad Pro 9.7 Review, however this review goes a long way to give me the best points. I may wait until iOS 11 comes out, but yet again I might order one today. Given the glowing reviews from all over the web of the 10.5” iPad Pro I really should just order one. Click. Click