iPad Pro 9.7 Review

How many device reviews are written on that very device? In terms of mobile devices there can’t be many at all. However, now more than ever Apple is positioning their

Huawei P9 Review

Its a weird thing to get an iOS user to review an Android device, and to be honest I am not usually interested. The Galaxy S7 and LG G5 are

Apples Biggest Mistake: Too Much Privacy

Google Now is Android’s golden arrow, the contextual awareness and on demand information system works like nothing else on the market. Sure, it kind of works on iOS but Android

Apple! Sort Your Apps Out!

Remember that glorious time when you controlled what was installed on your phone? No me neither, but it would be nice wouldn’t it. Both Android and iOS have a knack

Apples Control Of The Podcast

On October 23rd 2001 one piece of tech hit the shelves that would forever change the face of media consumption. More than each iteration of recordable medium that had come